Galactic Cantina and Comics

Galactic Cantina and Comics

Comic book store in San Diego, California

Galactic Cantina, Comics, & Video offers a retro experience that combines Vintage craft soda flavors with retro live arcade gaming, vintage comic books, movies, even a Toy Museum. Because we offer a wide variety of drink choices including organic teas, sparkling waters, CBD drinks, and 35 craft sodas from around the world; we ask the same Decorum as a Coffee shop/Tavern. Therefore we don’t allow walk-ins without a small purchase from the Cantina. We do this to prioritize customer service for the serious comic buying clientele, our Paid members, subscribers, game card holders, and soda bar regulars. We encourage patrons to experience our Cantina sodas as they tour THE premiere retro vintage pop culture destination in Ocean Beach San Diego.

Address: 4981 Newport Ave, San Diego, CA 92107

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