My Bulle Toys

My Bulle Toys

Toy store in Palm Beach County, Florida

My Bulle Toys was founded in 2019. The creator, Fanny, is a mother of two and French teacher in a French-American bilingual school in Florida. She�s spent years combining the best of both worlds between the French and American educational philosophies, learning that offering a variety of learning tools and approaches helps every child find the right path for them and enjoy learning. Fanny believes that children are born with a natural sense or curiosity and love of learning, which can be supported by engaging their existing interests and curiosity to “connect the dots” to other subjects. Wanting to provide her children with creative French educational products (and finding none available in the US), she recognized a need to supply them.

Address: 21073 Powerline Rd Suite #51, Boca Raton, FL 33433

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