Excelsior Comics and Games

Excelsior Comics and Games

Comic book store in Maynard, Massachusetts

Excelsior is committed to creating an inviting, family friendly, and game oriented atmosphere while promoting social interaction among people with the intention of bringing them together using games as a foundation of fun.”

When customers walk through the doors of Excelsior they will be greeted with a question. Shall We Play a Game?

This greeting is intended to politely challenge our customers to partake in one of the many games we sell.

In accepting that challenge, we feel, our customers are allowing themselves to be exposed to the fun filled world of games as well as engage in social interaction with one of our highly skilled Gamemasters.

Games are created for many reasons. Escapism through fun with others being one of the many.

Address: 8 Waltham St, Maynard, MA 01754

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