Finder’s Seeker

Toy store in Goffstown, New Hampshire

Thousands of items are packed into a small space, and it feels like you jumped through the pages of an I Spy book. Take your time browsing, it’s different every time you visit. There is something for everyone, antiques, books, artwork, tools, vintage action figures and toys, a chest full of Lego bricks where you can fill your own bag OR build your own Lego minifigure, with hundreds of options. It’s a sensory overload, kids can run their hands through piles of Pokemon cards, Lego bricks, a bin of dinosaur and action figure toys, and a bird bath full of marbles and other small treasures. For the adults- a multitude of antique books, small antique trinkets and pieces of your childhood you didn’t realize you missed. We are Finder’s Seeker.

Address: 28 Main St, Goffstown, NH 03045

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