The Comic Store

The Comic Store

Comic book store in Nashua, New Hampshire

Opened in 1981,the Comic Store is one of New Hampshire’s oldest comic stores. Carrying a wide selection of comics, back-issues, trade paperbacks, and graphic novels, we try to satisfy every taste in comics. Our gaming inventory is also quite extensive, and includes a wide selection of board games, role playing games, and card games, including Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Pathfinder, Heroclix, X-wing, Pandemic, Arkham Horror, Munchkin, and War Machine. Our selection of Gunpla is second to none, with over 1000 kits on display, including Gundam, Star Wars, Starblazers, Evangelion, Dragonball, and Votoms. We also have over 900 POP figures on display. Come and check us out, you won’t be disappointed

Address: 115 Northeastern Blvd, Nashua, NH 03062

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