The Comic Book Shop, Northtown Mall

The Comic Book Shop, Northtown Mall

We have an enormous selection of products including but not limited to comics, graphic novels, manga, hats, beanies, shirts, hoodies, posters, games, puzzles, role-playing games, Warhammer, Gundam models, statues and busts, belt buckles, necklaces, key chains, rings, lanyards, Asian food and drink, calendars, action figures, plush dolls, backpacks, toys, wallets, mugs, glassware, lunchboxes, magic cards, pokemon cards, l5r cards, Yugioh cards, and the world of warcraft cards!

We host all kinds of events! Heroclix Tournaments, Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments, Pokemon CCG League, Magic Commander, Magic Standard Tournaments, Magic Booster Drafts, and so much more!

The store is located at 4750 N Division St #2130, Spokane, WA 99207

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