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Dark Tower Comics

We are a full ser­vice comic store with a large selec­tion of new comics, bag and board included at no extra cost, and a huge selec­tion of back issues, trades, and “Dol­lar” books.

We carry approx­i­mately 35,000 + “Dol­lar” Comics that are in alpha­bet­i­cal order, bagged and boarded and ready to add to your col­lec­tion.

We also carry action fig­ures, stat­ues and many other comic col­lectibles. If we do not have the item you are look­ing for, please ask.

In our store, you will enjoy being part of comic con­ver­sa­tions that can only be had in a comic shop.

We also offer a Comic Book Pull Ser­vice. You tell us what comics you col­lect on a monthly basis and we will pull them for you and hav­ing them wait­ing at your next visit.

You will never have to worry about miss­ing an issue.

The store is located at 4835 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

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