Angara Comics

Angara Comics

The Angara in Angara Comics (Originally Tulsi Comics) is a superhero made up of animals parts are created by Mr. Parshuram Sharma and artist Late Mr. Pradeep Sathe for Tulsi Comics.


Dr. Kunal is living with animals on an island in the Indian Ocean. American army tries to capture the island in order to make an army base. They start killing animals and cutting the forest.

Dr. Kunal creates the Angara from the body parts of dead animals like rhino, fox, eagle, elephant, lion, and gorilla.


Angara bullet-proof skin is made up of rhino skin and eyes were of an eagle giving him excellent sight. His power taken from the elephant and his heart is of a lion.

He knows the language of every animal in the jungle.


Dr. Kunal in order to protect the jungle from the Intruder of the jungle. In his comics, anyone who tries to capture the island is the enemy of him.

Angara Comics

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