Cyborg Comics

Cyborg Comics

Cyborg is a superhero in the comic world. It is created by writer Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.

Cyborg Comics are published by DC Comics.


Victor Stone, the young boy who loves football met with an accident in his parent’s lab. In this accident, his mother died. His father saved him by the attack of a lab creature.

Creature injured him badly.

Silas (his father) is driven to take advantage of the prototype medical prosthetic research to treat Victor.

Victor was horrified at the discovery of the metallic components.

He was established as a founding member of the Justice League.


He got superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and flight.

His mechanically-enhanced metallic body is far more durable than a normal human body.

Cyborg’s internal computer system can connect with other computers.

He has an electronic “eye” which replicates vision at a superhuman level. He has a wide variety of tools and weapons.

Cyborg Comics

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