Super Commando Dhruv

Super Commando Dhruv is an Indian comic superhero created by Anupam Sinha in 1987. Dhruv comic published by Raj Comics.


Dhruv is son of trapeze artists couple Shyam and Radha. They work in Jupiter circus. After he lost his parents at the age of 14. He started performing in Jupiter Circus.

Dhruv learned martial art, stunt training in the circus and how to communicate with the animals like tigers, elephants. He is expert in aerobics.


Dhruva does not have any superpowers. He have a detective skills, scientific knowledge and acrobatics and martial art skills. He use these skills to defeat his enemies.


Grand Master Robo is biggest enemy of Dhruv. He is half human, half robot with a laser eye. His daughter Natasha is in love with him.

Chandakaal and Mahamanav, Dr. Virus wanted to kill Dhruv. But they failed every time.

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