First Look: The Terrifying Rise of Warworld

First Look: The Terrifying Rise of Warworld


Imagine what life on Warworld must be like? Taken from your family and home, never to see them again. Captured, enslaved and forced to fight to the death against aliens from across the cosmos for the entertainment of a depraved despot and his scores of minions. Every day not knowing if you’ll live or die, and with little to look forward to if you survive other than a lifetime of more of the same. If there is a hell, perhaps it’s not beneath the Earth, but floating in space far, far about it.

Warworld has always been pretty frightening. So you can imagine what you’re in for when I say that it’s never been more terrifying than it is in the hands of Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Daniel Sampere, the new Action Comics creative team who kick off their run in next week’s spectacular issue #1030.

If you’ve read Future State: Superman: Worlds of War, you know this isn’t Johnson’s first time taking us to Warworld. But in “Warworld Rising,” the universe-shaping storyline that begins in Action Comics #1030, Kal-El’s frightening future teased in Future State gets alarmingly close to reality when a fleet of Warworld battleships start closing in on Earth. But haven’t Superman’s powers been waning these past few months? Is he still capable of standing against Mongul—one of the most fearsome adversaries he’s ever faced?

You’ll have to check out the issue next week to find out, though you can get a taste of just what Superman will be facing in this unnerving first look at this thrilling new comic and storyline.

Action Comics #1030 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Daniel Sampere and Adriano Lucas is available in print and as a digital comic on Tuesday, April 27.


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