First Look: Wonder Girl’s Shocking Origin

First Look: Wonder Girl’s Shocking Origin


If you read DC Future State—or even, perhaps, if you didn’t—you know Yara Flor. First introduced by writer and artist Joëlle Jones in the buzzy Future State: Wonder Woman, we know that Yara may be destined to follow in Diana’s footsteps as one of the most beloved heroes on Earth. But how does she get there?

The answer lies in the brand-new Wonder Girl ongoing series. Once again written and drawn by Jones, Wonder Girl promises to fill us in on all of the backstory we never got. How did Yara get her golden boleadoras? Is she an Amazon? Who are all of those gods and mythical creatures she pals around with? Answers to all of these questions await, as young Yara embarks on a journey that will change her entire existence.

But before she can move forward into this new chapter that awaits her, she must first go back—as in, return to the childhood home where her story began. Raised by her aunt in Boise, Idaho, Yara was actually born in Brazil, a country about which she knows surprisingly little. Determined to change that, she’s now embarking on an adventure to learn more about her birth and childhood. Saving up for a ticket to Brazil, Yara is hoping for answers to questions that have plagued her throughout her life…and she’ll find them all right. Along with a good deal of danger. How bad are we talking? Well, as we see in this first look at next week’s debut issue, Yara’s life may be at risk…from someone who might seem awfully familiar to Wonder Woman fans.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take Yara too long to figure this whole heroing thing out!

Wonder Girl #1 by Joëlle Jones and Jordie Bellaire is available in print and as a digital comic on Tuesday, May 18.


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