10 Forgotten DC Couples (That Should Be Revived)


Romance floods the pages of the average DC Comics issue often, it’d be safe to assume DC Villain Cupid might be pulling overtime on every page. It’s easy to see why, as some of comic history’s most famous and cherished romances stem from DC Comics.

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Some romances – like Lois Lane and Superman or Catwoman and Batman – tend to be viewed as hits, while the misses – like, say, Arisa and Green Lantern, for example – often get discarded and ignored quickly, never to be heard from again. But sometimes, the ones that get ignored and forgotten so easily aren’t that bad. Just less developed and revisited. In fact, some of the forgotten ones are good enough to warrant a reboot in modern comics.

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10 Bruce Wayne And Lois Lane

Bruce Wayne marries Lois Lane as Superman watches

Superman is usually the one paired with Lois Lane, while Bruce Wayne/Batman has his own usual assortment of partners. However, in stories like Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #89 by Leo Dorfman, Curt Swan, and Mike Esposito, and even the World’s Finest animated movie, Wayne went out of his way to woo the Daily Bugle’s best reporter. Even Zack Snyder had his own plans to bring the two to the big screen, per an interview with Vanity Fair.

The pairing typically only exists to put Batman in conflict with Superman, but if DC’s writers opted to play the romance straight without outside flair like Superman interfering, this might provide a genuinely fresh romance as long as DC handles it seriously.

9 Black Canary And Batman

Satellite of Love

It’s rare to see Black Canary attached to anyone other than Oliver Queen, but the prospect of her love life existing outside of The Green Arrow is an interesting one to consider, especially when another man in her life could be none other than the co-captain of the Justice League.

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This romance was briefly teased in Justice League of America #84 by Bob Kanigher and Dick Dillin when the two suddenly revealed their feelings for each other alone along on the Watchtower, culminating in a kiss. But they both were quick to discard their feelings about four issues later.

8 Huntress And Nightwing


When Huntress was first introduced, she fought under the alias Helena Bertilini, but in due time reveals that her real name is actually Helena Wayne, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman from Earth-2. Also in due time, a romance blossoms between herself and Nightwing.

It didn’t last long past a one-night stand, possibly in large part due to backlash from fans who thought it was weird to see Batman’s adopted son hooking up with his biological daughter. By that logic, those same fans probably should hate the much-beloved Batgirl/Nightwing pairing when they’re all in the Bat-family. Regardless, now that Helena’s Wayne bloodline has been retconned to have her born from a mob family, fans may warm up to a more long-term relationship between these two.

7 Arsenal And Cheshire

Whereas most of the couples on this list were good enough in their brief time to warrant a longer development, this coupling ended so badly that it just demands a do-over. The relationship itself wasn’t that bad (if not complicated, since they started off as rivals), but it gets overshadowed by what came after they first started hooking up.

What came after was a child named Lian, which led to the boy’s death, which eventually led to the astonishingly bad excuse for a solo series and redemption story called Rise of Arsenal that was bad enough to convince the New 52 to retcon her existence entirely. Their relationship was mishandled so shockingly that DC may just need to reboot it in hopes of salvaging it or at least erase the bad from existence.

6 Selina Kyle And Eiko Hasigawa


Catwoman doesn’t have a lot of love interests not named Batman on her chopping block, but one of the more interesting love interest names would have to be Eiko Hasigawa. Hasigawa is the heiress to Gotham’s Hasigawa crime family. She conspired with Selina Kyle, heiress to the Calabrese crime family, to use the wealth and power of the crime families to do some good in the city.

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Along the way, a romance blossomed between them. However, in becoming the head of the family, Selina dropped her Catwoman cowl in favor of becoming a mob boss. Eiko became the new Catwoman, eventually falling into opposing sides. Eiko was only used in the storyline a handful of times, but a story like this almost demands its own series in terms of just how fascinating this Romeo/Juliet type story is on paper.

5 Harley Quinn And Nightwing

panel from Old Lady Harley #2

No, this is not in reference to the now infamously creepy scene from 2017’s Batman and Harley Quinn, but instead the brief tease of a relationship – this time, a consensual one – between her and Nightwing in the short-lived Grayson series. Furthermore, Inaki Miranda and Frank Tieri’s Old Lady Harley #2 seems to suggest that she’s destined to one day marry Dick Grayson (as well as die shortly after their divorce).

It would appear as though their relationship has only been referred to either in brief spurts or brief jokes. However, the concept of the sidekicks of archrivals Joker and Batman somehow catching feelings for each other sounds strange enough to work on paper if explored in an actual storyline.

4 Terra And Superboy

superboy and ravager kissing

Most fans of the Teen Titans cartoon will recall Slade’s ward, Terra, being romantically linked with Beast Boy, but in the comics, she (under her Ravager persona) has an interaction with Conner Kent of all people. Well, kind of, since this Ravager was exposed as a fake Ravager while the real deal was off frolicking elsewhere.

This is an odd pairing indeed, but since it never got a real fair shot to bloom (let alone blossom), DC might as well try it on for size. Terra’s ties to both the Titans and villains like Deathstroke offers more than a few intriguing scenarios to warrant some panel space.

3 Raven And Nightwing

dick grayson and raven kissing

Such a pairing may come as a surprise to Titans fans familiar with the team enough to know that Nightwing typically pines for Starfire, not Raven. However, on exactly one rare occasion, the two shared a kiss. Nothing happened beyond that and the two simply decided they would be better off as teammates and nothing more.

But what if they settled on giving romance a fair shot? It certainly would offer a fresh, different glance at the Titans when Nightwing/Starfire has been the norm for so long.

2 Aquaman And Wonder Woman

Aquaman & Wonder Woman

Most fans recall that Wonder Woman’s more memorable affairs with Superman and Batman, respectively, but not much attention gets offered to her relationship with Aquaman. That may be because this is a romance that exists purely in the Flashpoint universe.

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How their relationship came about, though, is complicated. They started off in an affair done behind the back of Mera, Aquaman’s then-wife. When said wife confronted the homewrecker, the homewrecker in question retaliated by delivering to Aquaman the decapitated head of his Mera, kickstarting a war between Atlantans and Amazons. In an alternate universe, their relationship is doomed, but wondering how they’d fare in a more canonical universe makes for a curious case.

1 The Phantasm And Batman

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Some fans would argue that Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is the very best big-screen adaptation of the Batman character, yet the titular title character and her relationship to Bruce Wayne were seldom touched on afterward, save for a couple of comic book appearances.

The idea that Batman would fall in love with a fellow vigilante who often broke his number one rule – no killing – posed an interesting caveat to an already complicated relationship, but it is rare to see DC revisit the relationship in either comic book or even animated form. Given the popularity of both the movie and the character, maybe DC should reconsider their hesitance.

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