10 Plotlines From The Comics The Movie Could Adapt

10 Plotlines From The Comics The Movie Could Adapt


Last month DC Comics gaming fans were delighted to find out that an animated movie based on the Injustice game series was in production, for a probable release later this year. The Injustice animated movie will get a preview on next month’s Batman: The Long Halloween – Part Two Blu-Ray, which fans are eagerly anticipating.

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One of the key things that need to be revealed is, what story will the Injustice movie cover? There are many intriguing plotlines in the games and comics that an animated feature could adapt. Some are more likely than others, but all would make a great Injustice film.

10 Injustice: Gods Among Us

Poster for Injustice 1 with Harley, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman

By far the most likely plot candidate for the animated movie to adapt is a straight retelling of the events of the first Injustice: Gods Among Us video game. Five years after Superman murdered the Joker for making him kill Lois and destroy Metropolis and the Man of Steel leads a totalitarian Regime, although Batman has a plan to bring in the Justice League from another Earth to stop them. While likely, this would also be the most ill-advised, as the story has been done very well in the game itself and all the cutscenes are available for free on YouTube. The movie needs to be different to stand out.

9 Year One

Cover for Year One with a fallen Superman

Probably the best option for the Injustice movie would be to start at the beginning and tell the story that kicked off the game, rather than attempt to retell the game itself. The Year One comic certainly has plenty of stories to cover, as it incorporates the killing of the Joker, the destruction of Metropolis, an uprising by Atlantis, the capture of the “super pill” that allows mortals like Batman to fight Superman, and concludes with the death of Green Arrow at the hands of Superman. Everything important to the game happens in Year One and would make a fantastic film.

8 The Fall Of Krypton

Injustice 2 beginning with Kara watching Brainiac attack Krypton

While there are many stories from the games and comics that would make a great Injustice movie, it might be wiser if the movie actually covers a familiar story that’s only been touched on previously, which would give the filmmakers a lot more freedom. In particular, one important tale that’s mostly been left alone is the Injustice universe’s fall of Krypton.

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The most fans have seen of this event was the beginning of Injustice 2, where Kara Zor-El witnessed the invasion by Brainiac and the planet’s end. A movie could also include Zod’s insurrection and imprisonment in the Phantom Zone, along with Doomsday.

7 Green Lantern Corps Vs Superman

Superman attacks Kilowog

Despite the appearance of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern in both games, the actual Green Lantern Corps makes no appearance during the events of Injustice 1 and 2. This is a shame, as the story of how Hal Jordan lost his Green Lantern status and joined the Sinestro Corps is both interesting and exciting. It begins with the death of Kyle Rayner and ends with an all-out war between the Green Lantern Corps against the Sinestro Corps and Superman’s Regime. The conclusion is incredibly tragic with the apparent death of Black Canary, but also has a hopeful note that’d play well in a movie.

6 The War Of Magic

Mxyzptlk attacks Trigon

Year Three of the Injustice comic is where Batman utilizes Superman’s greatest weakness against him: magic, thanks to the assistance of John Constantine. Unfortunately, the plan is complicated by Regime member Raven, Constantine’s own back-stabbing nature, and the fact that the Spectre, God’s Spirit of Vengeance, has seemingly sided with Superman – something that lends itself to one of the strangest friendships seen in Superman comics. It ends with an epic battle that almost destroys all of reality until the Regime and Resistance fight together once more to stop it.

5 Ground Zero

Resistance Harley Quinn from Ground Zero comic

While retelling the story of the first game would seem to be the safe choice it’s also the most uninspired, as Injustice fans would much prefer to see something new that they hadn’t already seen. A perfect compromise, then, would be the movie showing the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us from the ground-level perspective of Harley Quinn, as shown in the “Ground Zero” story from the comics. In it, Harley fights with the Resistance, falls for the other universe’s Joker, comes to her senses, and helps win the war against the Regime from the side players didn’t see in the game.

4 The Old Gods Return

Billy Batson confronts Zeus

After throwing super pills, the Green Lantern Corps, and basically Satan at Superman’s Regime, Batman plays his surprising final card thanks to a deal with Ares. Ares manages to persuade the Old Gods of Olympus that Superman is a threat, and Zeus and the Greek gods return to Earth to rule again.

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Wonder Woman is forced to fight Superman and there’s an epic battle of gods versus the Justice League, so there would be plenty of action for the movie. Plus, there would be twists, as Ares is revealed to be secretly plotting with no less than Darkseid.

3 Atlantean Civil War

Aquaman and the Atlanteans, with Mera

Many of the biggest events in the Injustice universe have been well-covered by the games and comics, so to make a truly surprising movie the plot should focus on one of the few major moments that hasn’t been shown in any way – such as a potential civil war in Atlantis. In Year One Aquaman, Mera, and Atlantis wage war against the surface but are repelled by Superman. After this, Atlantis is barely seen until Aquaman gives in to the Regime’s rule in the first game (several years later), and Mera also hardly appears. It seems likely many Atlanteans weren’t happy with Aquaman’s decision. Fans should assume there is an interesting story there, one that hasn’t been mined before.

2 Green Lanterns Vs Red Lanterns

Starro the Red Lantern and a possessed Guardian

There are two major Green Lantern conflicts in the Injustice comic book series, which are the main reasons why the Corps stay out of the events of both games. The second is in the Injustice 2 comic series and sees a full assault on the Lantern homeworld of Oa by the Red Lanterns of Rage, backed by a Lantern-powered Starro the Conqueror. The battle includes the redemption of Hal Jordan, the death of Sinestro, and Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle showing just how powerful he really is. Then, just when it couldn’t get more epic, Brainiac shows up too to take all forces on.

1 Year Zero

Joker with the power of a god

The most recent Injustice comic is “Year Zero,” and as the name suggests, it’s a prequel set before the destruction of Metropolis. However, it heavily sets up those events, and along with the epic action, it would make a wonderful movie accompaniment to the games. It deals with Joker gaining the power of a god and deciding to take on both the Justice League and Justice Society. It only ends when Superman proves that he’s incorruptible, something Joker plans to put to the test, as he learns how important Lois Lane is to the Man of Steel. Aside from all that, Year Zero also shows the marriage between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, something fans had been hoping to see for a long time.

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