10 Strangest Friendships In Justice League Comics

10 Strangest Friendships In Justice League Comics


The Justice League is comprised of some of DC’s most iconic heroes. The comics themselves have included a wide range of characters, all of which have to interact with one another to fulfill their duty as Earth’s protectors. Some rather odd friendships have been formed due to this dynamic.

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Whether it’s because of their bizarre power sets, strange world-views, or contrasting backgrounds, on paper many of these friendships really shouldn’t work. Yet thanks to some great writing and intriguing character development, these alliances ultimately feel quite authentic with numerous fan-favorite partnerships developing from these risky team-ups.

10 Batman And Jarro

Starro has been one of the Justice League’s most lethal enemies. The psychic star fish has tried to dominate Earth more times than can be counted and yet after a reincarnation in the form of Jarro, the character’s priorities shifted dramatically.

Suddenly, Batman started to bring up the alien as if it was his child. Dressing him in a tiny Robin costume, one of the most bizarre friendships was born amongst the pages of the recent Justice League run. Jarro has definitely been useful in the field and has proven to be a loyal son to Batman.

9 Joker And Lex Luthor

Lex vs. Joker

Wherever the Justice League is, the Legion Of Doom is generally not far behind. Amongst its members are the Joker and Lex Luthor, who are usually at the top of the hierarchy and have been known to lead the group on a number of occasions. Thus, an uneasy alliance has formed between the two men.

As the villains to Batman and Superman, it’s not surprising they would find common ground. While their methods are definitely different, there’s shared respect there for what each man has managed to achieve. What’s more, the Clown Prince of Crime is a businessman in his own way, therefore sharing some of the same values as Luthor.

8 Artemis And Wonder Woman

Artemis and Wonder Woman have fought one another across their long history. They have also been firm allies when they need to be. Their rivalry dates back to an age-old competition between the two warriors, each of whom want to prove they are more worthy than the other.

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This shared respect is also the main catalyst for their friendship. On a number of occasions, these part-time foes have mended their bridges and attempted to form a firmer bond. It’s worked for the most part, with their equal backgrounds contributing hugely to this tentative relationship.

7 John Constantine And Batman

DCeased Batman and Constantine

Batman really hates anything he can’t fully understand or control. Magic is usually at the top of that list. He is often prepared for any situation but magic appears to trump him every single time. His alliance with John Constantine is therefore an odd one.

Granted, the friendship of the sorcerer gives him an edge in battle and allows for a little more security in a magic-based situation. The erratic nature of the Brit is contrasted with that of the Dark Knight, though, making them extremely dysfunctional on paper.

6 Future State’s Team

future state justice league header

The Future State storyline saw DC Comics head to the ends of the timeline to see what state Earth was in, years on from the current Justice League. The new team has a very strict set of rules; chief amongst them is that the Justice League’s members cannot be friends.

This is actually a rule that’s swiftly ignored by Future State’s iterations of Wonder Woman and Superman as the group becomes closer to one another. It’s clear that these forbidden friendships are strange in their nature due to the boundaries that have been set between the characters. Somehow their relationships are limited while also maturing.

5 Green Arrow And Hawkman

Hawkman vs Green Arrow

Green Arrow and Hawkman have had a wide range of disagreements over the Justice League’s history. Primarily, their political beliefs are vastly different. Green Arrow is far more liberal than Hawkman, who has had to try to change his worldview over his ancient life span.

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They continue to fight one another on just about anything, although there have been many occasions (especially in recent stories) where the duo has broken bread and found some kind of peace amongst their conflicts. The blossoming friendship that surfaces between the two every now and then is definitely out of character.

4 The Justice League Dark

The members of Justice League Dark.

The formation and existence of the Justice League Dark is bizarre in its own right. This diverse set of personalities really has no business being on a team together. The thing that combines them all is their background in the mystical and the mythological.

Magic aside, while characters like Zatanna and Constantine or Wonder Woman make a lot of sense, when adding in monstrosities like Swamp-Thing these team-ups get a bit more complicated. It’s incredible that they manage to work harmoniously.

3 Hawkgirl And Martian Manhunter

New Justice League, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Cyborg Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl are two well-established members of the Justice League. Historically speaking, they’ve never had too much to do with one another. The similarities between the duo are definitely limited; one is an ancient, immortal goddess, and the other an alien from Mars.

The new Justice League run has seen not only a friendship form between these two but eventually a romance. It’s a touching story, though it didn’t really seem to work on paper, until the writers formed a kinetic chemistry through their dialogue.

2 Black Canary And Zatanna

Black Canary takes issue with Zatanna's merch.

Black Canary and Zatanna have two different backgrounds. With one relying on their meta-human abilities while the other is well known for her witchcraft, both of these women have become some of the longest-serving members of the team without featuring on the original Justice League.

Their disparate backgrounds didn’t get in the way of a team-up series, though. Once professional colleagues, a closer bond was forged after a number of successful missions brought them together. What really sings true about their friendship is the honesty they have with one another.

1 Superman And Batman


They’ve been dubbed the World’s Finest. As one of the most stable and long-lasting friendships in DC Comic history, the partnership of Batman and Superman has become pretty synonymous with the brand. However, it’s also one of Superman’s most odd relationships.

The man and the god. The human and the alien. The billionaire and the farmer. Superman is everything that Batman fears and Bruce Wayne is everything that Clark Kent wishes to take down. Through their respect and various battles, an incredible partnership evolved through years of hard work leading the Justice League.

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