Code 8 Sequel Starting Production This Year Along With Return Of Stephen And Robbie Amell

Code 8 Sequel Starting Production This Year Along With Return Of Stephen And Robbie Amell


From crowdfunding campaign to one of the most watched Netflix movies, Code 8 is back! A Code 8 sequel is set to start production later this year along with the return of the dynamic Amell cousin duo (Stephen and Robbie) as well as director Jeff Chan.

What Is Code 8 And The Sequel?

Code 8 began as a short film in 2016 and was directed by Chan and starred the Amell cousins. They started a crowdfunding campaign to turn it into a feature film and it ended up raising over $2.5 million, with a deal to give it a limited theatrical release in late 2019; however, the movie reached much greater success when it was added to Netflix in April 2020, getting on the most-watched lists for several countries around the world.

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The movie itself takes place in the fictional Lincoln City, where 4% of the population have superpowers and are forced to register their abilities in order to live as part of everyday society. They often face discrimination and violence at the hands of a technologically advanced police force (no surprises there) tasked to keep them in line should there be any problems. The sequel will follow a teenage girl looking for justice over the death of her brother at the hands of corrupt law enforcement. She ends up working with Robbie’s ex-con Connor Reed and Stephen’s Garrett Kent, as they battle against the authorities to unravel the conspiracy at the center of the story.

A TV series sequel was initially announced for Quibi (RIP) in December 2019 before the platform shut down, so it’s possible that some parts from the series will be reworked into the sequel.

As mentioned before, Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell will return as Connor Reed and Garrett Kent. Jeff Chan will once again direct, and he’s also taking a writing credit alongside Chris Paré. Sherren Lee and Jesse LaVercombe will be contributing to the screenplay.

Check out the trailer for Code 8, watch it on Netflix, and then get excited for the Code 8 sequel!

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