Latest ‘Fortnite’ teaser trailer hints at a potential Superman introduction


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Fortnite’s latest teaser trailer for its upcoming season could be hinting for a DC main hero, Superman.

The Battle Royale shooter’s current season is already headed to a close. Inevitably, raising notions of what people could expect when the new season opens. While recent word about the game’s upcoming season speaks loudly of an “alien invasion” theme, there’s more to it. With yet another trailer looming on the internet which depicts a pair of glasses, speculators point to a known DC superhero with iconic glasses.

List of Candidates

There are not that many superheroes in the entire comics fandom that are known to don the rather special accessory. Looking into it, it’s apparent that Marvel has better preference in portraying some of its characters with eyeglasses than DC. That is, with popular figures such as Cyclops, Beast, Oracle, Daredevil, She-Hulk, Hawkeye, etc. making the list. Although Epic’s collaboration with Marvel is not technically over yet, a follow-up may still be in the works.

Finding a character who wears glasses is easier to find within DC comics, however. With Superman perhaps being its most prominent figure to fit the profile, many alludes to this originally alien superhero.

Ambiguous Reference

Meeting the criteria of being popular about glasses and coming from a planet outside of Earth may well be two very telling factors. But a quick look into the item’s description in the tweet only makes the description a little murky. In it, it says “when placed onto the face this strange plastic device seemed to make us appear as unrecognizable”. And finally adding, “More testing required”.

The description does not necessarily point to any particular superhero, as far as pointer is concerned. If anything, it tells of an experimental equipment that lets its wearer view people differently. If by wearing a pair of glasses, Clark Kent sees individuals as indiscernible, then it might be pointing to the Man of Steel indeed. But such a perspective was never tackled in the entire Superman comics. Conversely, Kent wearing of glasses is more of a disguise than a tool for his viewing.

Beings from the Beyond

Yet, with an overarching motif gravitating around beings from outer space, it brings back into argument Superman’s qualification as himself an alien. Especially for one born from planet Krypton, Kent is technically an alien with only identical semblance to humans.

Although it far from guaranteed, seeing Kal-El or Superman makes his way into Fortnite would be an interesting fan service.

Image used courtesy of Top5Gaming/YouTube Screenshot

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