Young Superman and Lois Lane star in new DC Comics cartoon show


My Adventures With Superman is a new animated series that will follow the lives of a young Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Warnermedia announced on Wednesday.

In the new show, Clark and Lois are both twenty-somethings trying to make their way in Metropolis, settling into their new jobs at the Daily Planet, where they meet their best friend Jimmy Olsen, and slowly grow their romance. Of course, My Adventures With Superman will also focus on Clark as he learns to live with his secret identity as Superman and how to be the hero of Metropolis.

“This is the first animated Superman series in many years and we want to tell our Superman story through the trio of Clark, Lois, and Jimmy — whose relationship dynamic will allow for rich, serialized, and engaging stories as we explore their lives as individuals and their journey as friends,” said Sam Register, president of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios, on the show’s announcement.

My Adventures with Superman will star The Boys’ Jack Quaid as Superman and Alice Lee from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist as Lois Lane. The series is executive produced by Sam Register (Teen Titans Go!), Jake Wyatt (Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus), and Brendan Clogher (Voltron: Legendary Defender). The show will be produced in a partnership between Cartoon Network and HBO Max.

Along with this new Superman series, Warnermedia also introduce a new Batman series called Batman: The Caped Crusader, which will be produced by J.J. Abrams, The Batman director Matt Reeves, and Bruce Timm.


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